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Armed guard proposal
Tragedy struck in Newtown,CT on December 14, 2012 leaving everyone devastated and baffled.Adam Lanza, A man desperately in need of psychiatric help forced himself into a elementary school putting an end to 26 lives. 20 of our youth passed that day but not without starting a ripple effect splitting half of america. People are demanding reform in the protection in schools.The issue was and still is are our schools safe from guns and danger.what side do you stand on should we hire armed guards to protect our schools ?

To be sure extra protection would be provided if armed guards were hired. However is this what New York,The Empire state wants to teach our youth the only way to fight guns or protect against guns is with another gun. The extra protection will only last until poorly train guards choose to use their guns without full comprehension of the extends of their actions.There have been many incidents involving police and armed guards doing exactly that, many lives have been lost to these incidents.

Of course a sense of security might be established hiring guards. An armed guard in the hallway might give some a sense of protection to some. However most would say a student wouldn't feel safe with armed men patrolling our halls.Schools are where we student go to learn, feeling like we have to be overseen due to the dangers of the outside world would slowly affect kids to be afraid of what to expect when they go out in the world.

Some may think having armed guards would create more jobs, due to this help the economy which at this time would really help. Nevertheless at what cost would we go to help our economy.Is creating more jobs with guns really a good idea ? armed guards will also mean having to buy more guns into the state meaning more guns on the streets.Is that what we been fighting for?

In addition, armed guards will bring fear to the students.Students...
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