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What are the different parts in an essay?A. Introduction, Body (3 paraghaphs), Conclusion 2. What should be done to plan for an essay?
A. Analyse the questions: Read the question multiple times and try to understand it to the fullest. Brainstorming: pen down all your thoughts and then select the stuff that you will include in the essay. Planning: plan the structure of your essay before you start writing.

3. How do you structure an introduction?
A. Funnel shaped, starts off broad with general information, goes on to become more specific towards the topic. Ends off with thesis statement. (topic statements of each paragraph should be mentioned) 4. How do you structure a body paragraph?

A. Starts with the topic statements, at least one quote per paragraph, introduction for the quote, supports statements for the quote. Linking statements for the next paragraphs. 5. How do you structure the conclusion?

A. A reverse funnel shape. Starts off specific and broadens up. Ends with recommendation. No new information, no new quotes. 6. How would you structure a thesis statement?
Starts with: this essay will argue that……
7. What are the three things included in a thesis statement? Mention your side on the topic, and briefly state all the topic sentences for the body paragraphs and also mention the general statement. 8. Does it matter where you include a quote in a paragraph and an essay? In the essay as a whole, quotes can only be included in the body paragraphs, no quotes (direct or indirect) are permitted in the introduction or conclusion. In a paragraph, you should start with introducing the quote then state the quote and finally write a statement or two to support the quote, for the most academic structure, follow this pattern. 9. How many quotes can you include in a body paragraph?

For best results, include no more than three quotes in one paragraph. As with every quote, comes an introduction and a conclusion which might...
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