Essay and Cleopatra S Ethnicity

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AA100 Tutorial 2: Cleopatra

I began the tutorial with a few comments on essay writing:

Essay writing 101

I asked people to read over the guide in the Assessment booklet and make sure that you are familiar with the conventions in it, particularly with regard to referencing.


You are writing a course essay, rather than an article for publication. It is answering a specific question, rather than presenting original research (except in the EMA). You are trying to demonstrate that you understand the course content, that you can develop an argument and that you have, or are developing, the skills that the course requires.

You need to answer the specific question as fully as possible: avoid tangents!

You also need to write concisely: you only have 500 words for each section of the essay

Make sure that you essay is:

- Make sure you understand the question! If not then ask, either myself or other students (check the forum). - Aim for a logical progression through your essay. Make sure it has structure. - Make it easy for me to understand what you are trying to say. Good writing should not need multiple readings . . . - Presentation is important. Word processing obviously removes many of the issues of handwritten essays, but even so make sure that it is properly spaced, justified etc. If you are submitting handwritten essays then make sure that they are fair copies, i.e. legible, no crossings out . . .

- The first TMA in particular is very short (comparatively!), so there is no real space for florid intros etc. You need to make sure that everything that you write is to the point. - Be particularly careful of biography. It is sometimes useful as background or context but is very often completely irrelevant to the question asked

- You are writing an academic essay, so you need to follow best academic practice. - Proper sentence construction, correct spelling and grammar. - Essays are in the form of “continuous prose”. Avoid bullet points or notes: the same points can be made using conjunctions etc. - Avoid being “chatty”. Your language should be formal, but not necessarily “academic” just for the sake of it. - Personal opinion is good when appropriate but avoid unsubstantiated or unreferenced statements and, again, be careful of language.

- VERY important to handle referencing correctly.
- Follow the guidelines in the assessment booklet for format. - Give references immediately after any quotes.
- Give one reference after a paraphrase

- Plagiarism is about the most serious academic offence there is – AVOID IT! - Avoid it whether intentional or inadvertent.
- If you are unsure about whether to reference or not then err on the side of caution!

- A clear structure can go a long way to making your argument/line of thought intelligible. - 3 basic sections: intro, argument, conclusion.

- Clarify any issues with the question.
- Say what you will do, including any specific focus (does not need to be long – 1 sentence can do the job, if written well.)

- The bulk of your essay, where you develop your points, using appropriate examples and bearing the above points (purpose, clarity etc.) in mind.

- Brief summary of the main argument, drawing out and clarifying the main point(s) of your answer.

The remainder of the tutorial focussed on the image/reputation of Cleopatra in preparation for TMA 1.

The first activity was designed to consider some of the ways in which Cleopatra has been portrayed, together with some discussion of the sources of this information:

Task 1: Skim back through chapter 1 of the course book. What issues concerning Cleopatra and our understanding of her are raised in this first chapter?

Some answers and other possibilities:...
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