Essay Analysis of the Boy and the Bank Officer

Topics: Bank, Word, Feeling Pages: 3 (1180 words) Published: January 14, 2011
Essay Analysis
Philip Ross created a great essay in “The Boy and the Bank Officer.” He carefully chose creative and descriptive language while keeping the rhythm of the essay. He created an informative and insightful essay about a boy and a man’s experience while at the bank. This essay shows that people do care about the well-being of others, even if it is for their own good.

The essay, “The Boy and the Bank Officer,” starts out with a nameless man who thinks back to a old friend of his. The author, Ross, uses good similes, one comparing the bank to a “candy store;” and continues on to compare a bank to a church, “if banks were required to sell wallets and money belts, they might act less like churches (Ross, p. 154).” His point was the banks merchandise is “money which is yours in the first place (Ross, p. 154).” This is an example that the nameless man’s friends has shown to the hatred of the bank.

Ross continues with his visualization of the bank teller. His description well put to the point that it seemed like I could witness the people in the essay. He described the situation that was going on at the bank. The description of the bank officer and the boy that encountered the bank officer was distraught. “The only officer on duty was a fortyish blank man with short, pressed hair; a pencil mustache; and a neatly pressed suit (Ross, p. 154).” I thought Ross effectiveness of the description was smart use of the punctuation in order to capture the reader’s attention.

Ross use of effective imagery in the following paragraph continues my fascination with the situation. The “young white boy, had sandy hair, and I think I was especially aware of him because he looked like he belonged more on the campus of a New England prep school than in a West Side Bank (Ross, p. 154).” Obviously, this boy stuck out at the West Side bank. He did not belong.

The use of short sentences truly uncovers what Ross felt for the boy, and adds suspense to the essay. “The boy...
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