Essay About the Anthem and Adam and Eve

Topics: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Satan Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The story of Adam and Eve and Anthem’s Prometheus & Gaea are alike yet they aren’t. They are 2 sets of rebels living in their own worlds. They’ve shown great potential in achieving new things. No one is quite like these four. In fact, they were the building blocks of their society. Despite their unique distinctions they are somewhat alike.

Prometheus and Gaea, characters in the book Anthem, fought through the struggle to gain singular knowledge and individuality. Prometheus devoted his life for a chance at having individual intelligence, in a place where everyone is looked upon as a whole, nothing more, nothing less. In spite of the strong force for everyone to conform to “collectivism”, Prometheus strived to hold the values that meant the most to him without betraying them. Discovering a new advancement of science was something that brought love and joy to his life. Gaea is nothing short of a strong character. She also violates the rules and customs of her society. For example, when Prometheus and Gaea make eye contact, she was the first person to make the first move and communicate. In her society, no one is allowed to have a thought of one’s own. The name Gaea, which she was given as she and Prometheus came in their new society, upholds her as the mother of the new race, which makes her the channel for Equality 7-2521’s descendants. Gaea is in fact, a helping factor in the creation of the new and independent world. She helps to paint the structure of the fresh society, along with Prometheus. They are both fictitious examples of the great scholars of history who have made extraordinary breakthroughs despite of the problems they’ve faced.

Adam and Eve is a biblical story based mainly about curiosity, challenges, and forbidden knowledge. Adam and Eve were strictly given instructions to not eat from the fruited tree. However, "the serpent" cons Eve into eating from it Eve decided to consume the forbidden fruit, which was disobeying God’s orders. She also...
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