Essay About Philippine's Pork Barrel

Topics: Political corruption, Legislators, Transparency International Pages: 3 (713 words) Published: October 17, 2013
SO MUCH has been said about "abolish pork barrel system" but something seems missing. Has anyone suggested any alternative?

But is pork the real root of corruption? Let us say a person is convicted of rape. When asked why he did such crime, he would say it is because he found the lady beautiful and tempting. Should everyone go and kill all beautiful women so that rape will end?

That logic may sound oversimplified and childish but that is what the call is saying.

The controversy on the pork barrel scam sheds light on the corrupt officials, ergo, many say, it should be abolished. But what would happen to the common folk if the pork barrel for the betterment of the nation be abolished?

Every decision must be followed by suggestions but it seems that our honorable lawmakers are busy diverting the minds of the people from the real issues.

With all the fuss over the pork barrel scam, there are still a number of Pinoys who have no idea what it is.

Priority Development Assistance Fund, a government program most commonly known as Pork Barrel, has existed and been institutionalized for many years. It is the distribution of money for the lawmakers and congressmen to aid their official projects.

The people must remember that the scheme had its merits such as the paving of roads and bridges, scholarships, support for poor farmers and legitimate non-government organizations.

The challenge now is to ensure that those who continue to benefit from it will not be affected if and when the pork barrel is scrapped. There must be a guarantee that these people can still go to school and continue to receive medical assistance.

The solution to the pork barrel issue is not abrogation but greater accountability, transparency, and rationality in its utilization.

What can be done?

There must be a promotion of greater transparency in the use of pork barrel funds. The officials must be required to list their reports through the print media. By doing so, the...
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