Essay About My Writing Style

Pages: 3 (687 words) / Published: Aug 31st, 2016
The subject on English was never my strong suit, but I always try my best although I can never really get a high grade in the class. It is really difficult for me to accomplish much in writing so I don’t really try to expend much of my energy on it. But, my main point is that when writing I do what I can and try to incorporate as much of the writing techniques as I can but it never really makes a difference. When teachers tell me to correct an error I would do so but somehow completely remove an element while doing so bringing my score down even more. But, what surprises me the most as well as most people is the way I speak, that everything I say links with the idea of one another to create an organized thought that I can never get down on paper to make sense.
I honestly hate writing and I don’t really like the idea of myself being a writer. I just can’t picture nor do I like it, at all or even because of criticism. It’s mostly how majority of the people expect it to be, it’s standards are just all confusing to me and somehow when I write my ideas and writing contradicts each other. This is the reason I can never get a grip on writing but I can do more well than people can assume when speaking and reading. So, these are my feelings on writing and as myself as being a writer because of all the technical terms that needs to be
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But, unfortunately I always love a good challenge so this level of work might be the push I need to push my skills to the next level and exceed beyond that. So, there will be times where I am uninspired but looking forward to how well I can perform and improve my skills to my own standards of being able to write well. There will be times that won’t be able to function at all because personal and home problems. But, I will do my best to not feel discouraged and even try to exceed my professors expectation although I may not be able to at

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