Essay About Love

Topics: Paint, Brush, Suicide Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: August 17, 2013
“My Last Painting “
You can only embrace your destiny, if you learn to accept your fate. Every stroke of their brush creates magic, every color tells a secret and every canvas tells a story. An artist defines themselves against many odds, racial and cultural barriers of the time in which they painted, and created a body of work. “Draw in faith, Paint with courage and live like a masterpiece” In the edge of his seat whirling sounds and images inside his head became clear remembering the 2 weeks that changed his life…the warmness of her embrace, pureness of her heart and the voice that kept him alive. .. Caleb as a child was different from the other kids. He was fond of colors and drawings; you can see him gazing upon the sceneries and paint, while the other kids were frolicking at the yard till they get dirty. He was enjoying life did what he loved, pursued his dreams and studied Fine arts when he got to college. He never stopped believing and dreaming but life is hard in its strangest way, sometimes it gets harder and end up fighting for it ,till you’re about to give up… but one thing’s for sure if you end up like that, you’re wrong! it’s the other way around... He was in his mid-20s when he found out that he has a paralyzing disease and faced with the future that he can no longer paint, he got depressed and miserable knowing that what he loved to do the most he can no longer pursue it, so Caleb decided to leave his life in the city and goes on with his free will to live by the suburbs that no one will know him… to paint for the last time, one final masterpiece his last painting before he would kill himself. Inspiration and perspective became a loss to him, gazing turned to staring, emotions became stifle and colors became dull. But Fate intervenes. In some point of our lives we meet a person who actually feels for us and knows the exact words that pulls us back, made us realize and think “Hey, is this what I really want ? Is their more to life? “… It was a dark...
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