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Topics: Football hooliganism, Violence, Hooliganism Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: December 19, 2011

Traditionally football hooliganism started around the late 1960’s and clearly peaked in the mid 1980 before having a big cooling off just after the Heysel stadium disaster in Italy where no less than 39 nine Juventus fans were killed in an on-stadium riot. Although to the world, hooligans are seen as obscene violent people, by digging into what hooliganism really is you find that there is much more to this “culture” than an eye glance of a violent newspaper article can really tell you. Even though hooliganism came to a sudden hold in the mid 80’s the culture never died. In the documentary “Fucking Hooligan” we get a first hand view into the culture that created such headlines as “Heysel Stadium Disaster” and answers to such questions as; what makes a person become a hooligan? And in “Fever Pitch” written by Nick Hornby, we get another look at what hooliganism means to some people.

But why do people become hooligans? When asked why hooliganism many people talk about the family they never had and the brotherhood. But when does this brotherhood turn into newspaper articles about disasters? In the text “Among the Thugs” we get a look into what motivates the hooligans to cause such violence. England was in a very fragile state in the 1970s, there were big differences between the classes and that was one of the reasons why hooliganism was formed. “it was obvious the violence was a protest” a protest from the lower working class. “So many young people were out of work or had never been able to find any. The violence, it followed, was a rebellion of some kind — social rebellion, class rebellion, something.” The violence in hooliganism actually originated from an understandable cause. The lower class’ social rebellion and cries from the neglected youth.

Although football hooliganism has no specific legal definition, there are specific classifications that classify you as a hooligan. The term was created by the media, in the mid-1960s and since then...
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