Essay About Effective Time Managment

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Effective time management skills

Time management is an essential skill that permits more healthy rest in addition to higher productivity; it can also significantly reduce stress and anxiety. It can also be considered as one resource in organizing, prioritizing, and succeeding in life in general and studies in particular. So, what are the tips that students can use to make the most efficient use of their time? And how can they overcome and avoid procrastination? Firstly, we can say that the highest achievers in all walks of life, from study to job to life in general are well organized in terms of their time. The idea here is that if students want to be higher achievers they should raise some certain questions in order to reach that goal; in this sense, the first question would be “AM I TOO BUSY?” As a response to this, question students have to write all the activity that they perform in their daily life for instance sleeping, eating, travelling, errands, and hygiene in order to have an idea about how really busy they are. After answering this, question students will be able to realize the amount of time left for studying. Then, students should categorized these activities according to the length of time allocated for work’s hours, as well as specifying the units required for each semester, after that they should double the number of units in order to get the study time. Since each hour spent within class, there should be as a minimum two hours scheduled for studying outside the class to make the most efficient use of their time. If the results were that a student has to spent 24hours a week, in this context, we can say he/she is busy, and needs to adjust the amount of time of their study. The second question that should be raise in order to have successful planning is that “DO I KNOW HOW TO SET OR REACH GOALS?” the answer of this particular question requires a certain kind of acronym that is ‘SMART’. The latter, refers to the...
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