Essay About Death

Topics: Death, Life, World War II Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Death, the inevitable aspect of life. Many think that death is a portal to another realm, others think that it is the end of all life and existence. Me, on the other hand, like to think of death as a motivation factor. A reason to keep pushing and moving on, a reason to stay healthy, a reason to correct yourself. It may sound weird, but when you hear of people dying from new things, doesn’t it give you a sense of awareness about the world that you live in. if someone dies from a staying on the phone for long periods of time, wouldn’t you measure the amount of time that you spend conversing with friends? Death is powerful, death may be the only thing on earth that can change the earth. The power of death is remarkable, it is the only thing that you have no choice in, if it’s your time, then it’s your time, no re-runs or asking for second chances, you’re gone, no questions asked.

Death is the hardest when it hits the ones that you love and adore. When death hits those close to you, you do not understand, you attempt to deny it and you get unsettling rage within yourself not understanding why you couldn’t be with that loved one. On the other hand, if you’re a more mature individual, then when a loved one dies, you accept the fate of the passing, you don’t dwell on the fact that they are dead, but you dwell on the life that they lived, and think about what they would want you to do in their memory. If you accept death in that manner, you will use it as a motivation factor. A factor that when you feel like giving up, you won’t because in your head you hear the voice of your deceased loved one telling you to not stop.

Death is a major factor in the progress of society. If it wasn’t for the deaths of many legends and idols, our world wouldn’t have progressed to the point that it has. America gained its independence in a war, then slavery was abolished because of a war, and Germany, Italy, and Japan could not control the world as they desired because of English,...
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