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Essay About Change

By kodakmoments Aug 30, 2008 844 Words
For one person a change represents progress; whereas, for another, catastrophe. How have the composers of the texts you have studied convey these differences in response to change? In your answer, you must refer to Heart of Darkness, either in the park poem or Onegin the film and one of your own choice.

For one person a change represents progress; whereas, for another, catastrophe. Heart of Darkness is the ideal book in terms of telling a story that confirms change can mean either progress or catastrophe for any one person. An example of the fact that change can mean a catastrophe for one person lies on page 111 of Heart of Darkness where, as Kurtz (his change is catastrophic) dies, utters his final words: “The horror! The horror!” In my opinion, These words represent the final recognition Kurtz had of what he had become. “The horror! The horror!” may believe that Kurtz had at that moment fully recognized that he had become a creature of bleak pride, ruthless power and fearful dread. (pg 86 Heart of Darkness)”the original Kurtz…his sympathies were in the right place…eloquent writing” portrays the once gentleman-like and empathic person he was prior to his few years in Africa. This is juxtaposed to (pg86 Heart of Darkness) “nerves went wrong…midnight dances ending with unspeakable rites…offered up to him” where Kurtz just lost all sense of civilization in the heart of darkness and forces the natives to make human sacrifices made to him as a god at ceremonies. In simpler terms, Kurtz was once a man who could respect himself and gain respect from other people as a result of his sympathetic nature and, after his exploitation of African natives, gradually changes into a savage, ruthless man.

By critical analysis of this book we can conclude that change is able to represent catastrophe.

For one person a change represents progress; whereas, for another, catastrophe. The poem In The Park enlightens us with a catastrophic change a woman has gone through since her carefree, well-lived younger years to when she has become a listless mother of three who looks life in the face without apparent enthusiasm. After she and her ex-lover talk “from his neat head…rises a small balloon- but for the grace of god.” Here is the main point the writer makes. In this line, the writer illustrates and image of her previous life, enabling us to conjure and guess at her life before and wonder how wonderful it was then; because, why else would the man be so curious of her diminished state if she hadn’t changed so drastically? The composer of this poem further emphasizes her lethargic, depressed and aimless life by using coloured words such as “whine, bicker,tug,aimless.” As opposed to her life befor marriage and children, she must have been blithe, full-of-life, worn extravagant clothes as we can infer from the line “But for the grace of god,” where the man wonders what would’ve happened to him if he had married this wreck, who used to be blithe, full-of-life, worn extravagant clothes, as this man had a “neat” head and therefore wa probably caring of life, as he is bothered to be well-groomed. In this poem, change is castastrophic due to the dull nature of the woman revealed by the line “they have eaten me alive” which is said by the woman.

For one person a change represents progress; whereas, for another, catastrophe. A Christmas Carol portrays how change can be progressive. The change is conducted on Scrooge. In the book A Christmas Carol a money-loving, selfish, greedy man named Ebenezer Scrooge realises his past mistakes and strives to right his wrongs after three ghosts visit him/ Seven years have passed since Marley's Christmas death, and Scrooge has still resisted change. He is the same man in sense that he still refuses to give to the poor, still only grudgingly gives his employee Christmas day off, and still dismisses Christmas day as one where “you find yourself a day older, yet not an hour richer” (pg 5 A chrstms. Crl.) although at Christman in those days, was a day of giving not earning. Moreover, Scrooge avoids associating with the Cratchet family (his nephew’s) who is in desperate need of finances, or else they will lose their youngest and most fragile family member: Tiny Tim. After the 3 ghosts interrogate and warn him and teach him things he was once ignorant of, Scrooge awakens the next morning to find himself gloriously renovated. Not only can he once again laugh, but he will also find the good in his heart to be able to ungrudgingly & willingly purchase dinner for the Cratchits, sing in church, and visit Fred. From this day forward, Scrooge will become well known for his dedication to the Christmas holiday. In conclusion, Scrooge has progressed from a shallow, selfish, cold man to a empathetic, kind-hearted, generous man whose sympathies are in the right place.

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