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Joshua Turner
Dave Stahl
Section 145
9th September 2014
Short Essay 1 Response
In response to Brent Staples editorial “Why Colleges Shower Their Students With A’s”, I agree with Staples that people should be concerned with grade inflation in college. Grades on average have been creeping up all over the United States causing degrees to become devalued (Staples). Teachers are forced to give higher grades to escape negative evaluations from students (Staples). To fix this issue students who take more difficult classes should be rewarded with higher weighted grades on the GPA scale compared to students taking easy classes. With grades on average creeping up over the United States it won’t be long before a college degree is a useful as a high school degree. Contemporary data indicates that, on average across a wide range of schools, A’s represent 43% of all letter grades, an increase of 28 percentage points since 1960 and 12 percentage points since 1988. D’s and F’s total typically less than 10% of all letter grades (“Where A is Ordinary”). The easier it is for people to obtain degrees the less reputable it is to have a degree. For example if everyone has a high school degree what significance does it play in obtaining a job where everyone applying has the same degree as the person applying? Thus the benefit of achieving that degree, whether it be college or high school, becomes devalued. Another issue with grade inflation is Teachers are forced to give higher grades to escape negative evaluations from students (Staples). Students today can figure in the tenure of how their teachers grade, by students not attending a class because another student said that his/her class was difficult. This ability of students to judge a class on its difficulty causes Professors to inflate their grades, or risk the chance of losing seats in their classrooms (Staples). This ability of students is a big reason in why schools all over the United States are experiencing substantial...

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