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Pre-writing Graphic Organizer

Topic: A girl whose parents wants her to attend a private school but gets bullied because she isn’t a city person, she’s a girl from the country. She loves to barrel race with her best friend. She just wants to be back at her old school with all her old friends. She uses her horse as a safe place to get away from everything out on the Great Plains.

Generating Ideas: Wakely goes to private school, doesn’t tell anyone she is bullied. Her best friend Serina can tell something is wrong. Wakely just keeps it to herself.

Who? List and describe the characters involved in the narrative you are creating.

Wakely: a girl who is sent to private school by her parents. She loves barrel racing or anything that has to do with her horse Wildfire.

Serina: Wakely’s best friend. They have been friends since they were babies. She barrel races and does other rodeo events along with Wakely. Her horse is named Diamond, because diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Wakely’s Mother (Nell): Nell is a stay at home and run the ranch person. She is trying to keep their ranch alive. She struggles for money because the demand on horses has fallen. She also trains horses for other people along with horses at their ranch. Wakely’s Father (Rob): He tends the animals, and break new horses. He also rounds the horses up. He is the head cowboy at the ranch. He gives the ranch hands a to-do list. All he wants is the best for his children.

Howard (Wakely’s brother): is more into chasing his dreams and leaving the ranch.

Hunter: new boy to the town who team ropes and calf ties. He just moved to Wyoming from Colorado. He doesn’t know anyone besides his brother and family.

Tanner (Hunters brother): also new to the town. He rodeos with his brother.

Character Name: Wakely

How would you describe this character?Why?

Physical Appearance: A skinny country girl, who is always dirty. This is how With brunette hair, blue eyes.I see her.

Feelings: She barely trusts anyone besides her horse. Has a rough past.

Attitude: Keeps to her close friends and horses.Rough past.

Character Name: Serina

How would you describe this character?Why?

Physical Appearance: tall skinny, brunette hair to her waist. How I picture.

Feelings: She is a friendly person, always is willing to Friendly people are great meet new people

Attitude: People person Always willing to meet new people

Character Name: Hunter

How would you describe this character?Why?

Physical Appearance: Tall built blonde hair blue eyesHow I see it.

Feelings: Strong and willing

Attitude: Willing to meet new people

What? Conflict

CharactersConflict ExperiencedHow do they respond?
Wakelybeing bullied in private schoolshe doesn’t say anything until it’s to late

Write some words or phrases that will help you describe the setting of your story. Where do the events take place? What does it look like there? What does it feel like there?

Takes place in Wyoming, out by the Great Plains. They rodeo every weekend they can. It’s beautiful and open. Horses roam free on the plains.


Plan the course of events in your narrative.

She gets called out of school early to get ready for the state finals in rodeo. She gets picked on because she likes horses. She doesn’t say anything till about a month left of school. Her mother and father pull her out and put her in regular school.


Think of the overall effect you would like your narrative to have on the reader. How will you create that...
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