Topics: Crime, Youth, Mobile phone Pages: 3 (500 words) Published: April 26, 2014
CU1010 Two Paragraphs

TOPIC 1: Young people are unfairly blamed for reckless driving.

Topic Sentence: Young, newly licensed drivers are fairly accused of reckless and irresponsible driving because of modern social status and communication networking, lack of experience and various contributing psychological factors.

Body/Arguments: Social networking communication, including texting, calling, and the use of facebook are readily accessible by mobile phones. The use of these networking devices plays a large influential role in defining a young person’s social status. This elucidates a statistic of 52% of Australian teens aged 16-19 whom admit to using their mobile phones while driving, ultimately leading to recklessness and potential accidents. Being recently licensed teenagers, it is apparent they lack knowledge and experience when driving, uncertainty and self hesitation also contributing factors. Psychological aspects including; excitement, feelings of self-authority, power, control and trill are major reasons for reckless driving. The feelings of initially being able to drive a car wherever and whenever one pleases is is a powerful phenomena

Linking Sentence: Eg. Although young people are typically stereotyped as reckless drivers, there are a few who drive cautiously, responsibly and follow essential safety precautions on the road.

FOR: Some young people can be unfairly blamed for reckless driving for many reasons, including; modernised driving competency tests and influential interactive entertainment associations producing, destructive and undomesticated video games.


Introducing an alternative viewpoint LINKING WORDS however…although…despite this…nevertheless…on the contrary…even though…on the other hand…alternatively…in contrast…whilst conversely,even so, even though, , in spite of, instead, contrary to, nonetheless, rather, still, yet, whereas, while.

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