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STUDENT NAME: Nasreen Rawoot
TUTOR: Christopher Edyegu
ASSIGNMENT: 2. How does Max Weber characterize legitimacy and why do we have an obligation to obey the laws of the state?

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How does Max Weber characterize legitimacy and why do we have an obligation to obey the laws of the state? Max Weber characterizes authority by identifying three forms of it. He then links these forms of authority to legitimacy. He identifies traditional, charismatic and legal rationalism. Weber explains that traditional authority is legitimized by traditional or routine practices which revolve around the beliefs of a population within an area. Traditional authority consists of the ruler, this form of power is gained hereditarily, this is the king and the subjects follow. The subjects are the people who are living under the king and are obligated to obey the king as if whatever the king decides or rules is almost sacred or holy. Legitimacy is seen through the relationship between the dominant, king, and the subjects, the people. (Mrilovejesus, 2012) Charismatic authority consists of leaders who inspire their followers and due to this inspiration the followers obey. The followers believe that these types of leaders are special in some sort of way. They sometimes believe that they possess 'supernatural'...

Bibliography: Mrilovejesus. (2012, March 13). Cyber Essays. Retrieved March 03, 2015, from How Does Max Weber Characterize Legitimacy and Why Do We Have an Obligation to Obey the Laws of the State?:
Peter, F. (2010, April 29). Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved March 02, 2015, from Political Legitimacy:
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