Essay 2 final draft

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The Internet

Menatalla Habib
WRI 102
Section 16
May 19, 2013
Essay 2 – Final Draft
Richard Brown

I pledge that this is entirely my own work.
The internet contains more information than any library in the world. It connects the entire world, it allows people to do things that were impossible before, and it weighs nothing. A research made by Whitney (2012) shows that 2.1 billion people use the internet nowadays; that is 30 percent of all the people around the world! And that in 2011, 2.4 billion people had social networking profiles. It is where you receive news, where you share information with friends, and where you go to be entertained. However, the internet spreads more trouble than ease and has dramatically ruined the value of life. The internet caused many social problems.

It may be true that the internet has been a source of many advantages. It presents us with new and up-to-date news from all around the world on a single click. It spreads warnings, information, and entertainment in many different ways. The internet also helps bring us better and easier long distance communications. For those families separated by long and far distances and live on opposite ends of the world; the internet can help bring those families together through the power of communication. It has also helped with many inventions and with many medical breakthroughs. However, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. The internet has done more harm than good; it has been a portal to cyberbullying and has been a bad influence to the younger generation. On top of that, it has opened more doors to cheating and conning such as plagiarism and illegal copying. The internet has damaged personal relationships; caused poor friendships and ruined family relations. Nowadays, people are becoming more distant than ever because of the fact that they can take the internet with them everywhere. Instead of enjoying the company in front of them, they turn to their Ipads, Ipods, smartphones, etc. to go on the internet and chat with other people. This weakens the relationship with the person sitting in front of them. There should be no reason at all for people to disrespect friends in such a manner; dedicated time with a friend should not be interrupted by a third party through the internet. The person is not even there! Yet, people still manage to find ways to chat with other people when they are with a different group. Same goes to family; when the family is gathered and sitting together, the younger generation is almost always likely to run off and sit by on the internet. The value of family is now also ruined. The internet has encouraged shallow thinking. People nowadays do not use their minds the way they should. They do not excel and receive the maximum out of their thinking power because they do not look and search deeper. They accept what is given to them and do not bother to think “What if…” All their thinking is on the surface and transparent. They are just too lazy for the idea of thinking, and this is the result of the internet. The internet has made everything easily accessible and ready 24/7 that you do not even have to use your minds and think for yourself; the internet thinks for you. People just go to Google or Yahoo and type whatever question they want to know the answer to, and immediately the answer will be presented to them. There would usually be more than one response, and the only thinking you will have to do then is pick which one of them you want to open and explore further.

The internet acts as a big distraction which leads to procrastination. The internet is a major reason why people procrastinate, because they spend most of their free and valuable time on the internet which shortens their attention span. Instead of valuing and taking advantage of that time by doing something useful like exercise or read a book....

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