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Business Description
QQ Bento is named and we are going to sell bento that decorates in an exquisite and healthy style for our consumers which are office workers who works around Bukit Bintang. The business is a restaurant on wheels as we are operating the business in a mobile car. This is because we want to shuttle back and forth along the street which carried something that people like and also our fond dream. We would like to deliver the happiness, warmth as well as healthiness for our consumers. Besides decorating the bento’s outward appearance attractively, we are also focus on the ingredient that we used to made the bento is healthy. Location

The location of QQ Bento’s registered office is 20, Jalan SG 7/4 Taman Sri Gombak 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor which is Tham Xiu Ying’s house. The reason we set the business office at Tham Xiu Ying’s house is we will sell our bento in the mobile car at two specific locations which are (ADDRESS) Therefore, according to the rules and regulations to register the partnership, we need to fill in a fixed location to ensure that the license is approved. Mission

Mission of our QQ Bento is to become well-know mobile shop that provide nice feature and healthy bento in Malaysia and oversea. Our Objectives
1. To achieve brand recognition from public.
2. To get the financial return within 2 years.
3. Increase two more QQ Bento mobile shop at Kuala Lumpur area within 5 years.

Product & Services
The foods provided in our business are Halal because 60% of the Malaysia population is Muslim. Besides, the government and many companies are marketing the halal standards as a new benchmark for quality, hygiene, and safety. We are focus on the features, benefits and also the pricing of the food provided because we are not only wants our consumers get satisfaction in their stomach but also in the sense of sight. Our product is prepared according to the recommended dieting food ration which is 3 parts rice, 2 parts protein and 1 part vegetables (3:2:1) help to maintain consumer’s healthy and balanced diet. There is new food pyramid on a bento.

Legal Status and Ownership
We are operated our business in Partnership entity which have five partners. We will do the decision making together will combined our knowledge. Besides that, we will invest same capital into our business. Therefore, we will share the profit and losses according to our profit sharing ratio. Chief Executive Officer is , financial manager is , sales manager is and the production manager is (refer to Appendix 1).

Industry analysis
Porter’s 5 Forces
Each of Porter’s fie forces impacts the average rate of return for the firms in an industry by applying pressure on industry profitability (Barringer, 2010). a. Threat of substitutes
Bukit Bintang is the place that high definition of population and a prosperous place. In the other word, there have a lot of food courts, theme restaurants, cafes and other restaurant that can be substitutes for our QQ Bento that selling food. With the reason, there is the prosperous place and have a lot of shopping complex at there. Therefore, there are many close substitutes for QQ Bento in the market. b. Threat of new entrants

Threat of new entrance is low because there are rarely people decorate the food’s outward appearance nicely before pass it into customer’s hand as they think that it will consume more time to serve a customer subsequently will suppress the profitability of a business. Beside that, another barrier to entry is the passion of the management team and employees. This becomes a barrier to entry because we would like to deliver the happiness and warmth as well as healthy to our consumers besides gain a satisfy profit in the business c. Rivalry among existing firms

The intensity of the rivalry among existing business is moderate because there are many Japanese restaurants are selling bento where the environment condition is good and they might set...
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