Topics: Human physical appearance, Beauty / Pages: 4 (859 words) / Published: Feb 28th, 2013
Physical Beauty V.S. Inner Beauty
By Vina Halim

Beauty has been a great issue since the early civilization. People tend to focus on physical beauty however there is another aspect that can be considered such as inner beauty. Even though, Physical beauty and inner beauty are seen as being the world apart, but surprisingly they have some differences and similarities points that can be taken for discussion.

Physical beauty is the same with outside beauty, which is attractive to the eye. Physical beauty changes in certain years. Some let inner beauty win over physical beauty, vise versa and very few people have both of them in their hearts, but some still have faintly above the other.

Inner beauty is the real beauty of a person that goes far from physical appearance, that cannot be seen by everyone but can be felt. So, “As your inner beauty blossoms, your life experience change profoundly.” (, 2010). For example, inner beauty is unselfishly to give benefit to the others. It can be seen when the mother gives her love to her children. Inner beauty stays within those who sympathetic, compassionate, and kind of heart.

Firstly, opposing to common belief, that physical beauty and inner beauty can be achieved later in person’s life. When a person grows older and more mature, she becomes wise individual. In that time, her inner beauty can increase because of her experience. It is the same as physical beauty; a person can acquire attractive characters, as she gets older or merely changes the way she dresses up. Unfortunately, not only physical beauty is necessary to last forever as her age but also inner beauty. For example, her physical beauty can decrease because of the loss of youthful appearances. Her personality may not always be affected because of her age, on the other hand it may even shine as result of wisdom and experience.

Other similarity, among physical beauty and inner beauty, that is no standard to be called beautiful.

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