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January 21, 2013

Noli Me Tangere, A book written by Jose P. Rizal which is also known as the national hero of the Republic of the Philippines. He wrote this book to expose the abusive government of the Spanish in our country during their era. The important characters in the book are: Crisóstomo Ibarra- The son of Don Rafael Ibarra

Maria Clara – The fiancé of Crisostomo
Kapitan Tiago – The father of Maria Clara
Padre Damaso – The real father & the enemy of Crisostomo
Elias – The one who helped Crisostomo in the times danger. Sisa – A loving mother to her son Crispin &Basilio.

The Dulaang Perpetual is also a school organization that also focuses on the performing arts of each member. They are the reason behind the play Noli Me Tangere.


The story is about the son of Don Rafael Ibarra, Crisostomo Ibarra. He comeback to San Diego to continue the dream of his father, To build a school for the poor but Padre Damaso disapproved it.KapitanTiago, held a party but when he come, Other visitors just insulted him and that’s why he walked out. When she visited Maria Clara, They reminisce those lovely moments and Maria Clara read a letter of him and he doesn’t want to it heard it anymore because he just remembered his mother that died a long ago.

The next day, He try to look for his father’s grave but it is missing when he finally find out why and that is because of Padre Damaso, He doesn’t want Don Rafael to be buried in the catholic cemetery that’s why he paid some people to transfer it in the Chinesse cemetery but because of the bad weather, they just throw it in the river. When he was on the church someone talk to him after the mass and that’s Elias, he warned Ibarra that someone is trying to kill him. After all he’s still a lucky man...
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