ESSAY 1 Rough Draft

Topics: Education, High school, School Pages: 4 (1014 words) Published: March 20, 2015
Nathniel Valdez
Professor Perez
English 100
15 February 2015
The people of America agrees that everyone should have a fair and free education. When school is done usually students are told that college is the next step. Many people agree that this move would help further increase the success of our nation. In the story “Idiot Nation” written by Michael moore, his opinion is opposite of most americans, he believes this nation is filled with idiots, thus the title of his story, Idiot Nation. I do agree with Michael moore on most of his opinions. Most of the people in this nation are in fact idiots, as Michael moore addressed them to be, but not everyone in this nation are idiots. The nation’s poor educational system and the students not having a lot of motivation lead to the reasons of why Michael moore thinks this way.     Other countries other than America have way higher standards in their educational system In some countries it takes an exam to even receive a chance to attend high school. Many students in college cant even solve a simple algebra problem. So the students that are new to high school in these other countries have a higher education than most students in senior year in america. In these other countires, the schools teach their students the history of the united states of america. Sadly, these other counries that teach American history often find themselves having more knowledge about America than we do. Most students In other countries learn English as their second language. Moore says that “70 percent of those who graduate from America’s colleges are not required to learn a foreign language” (157). An important fact that back up moores belief that america is filled with idiots, is because most people in this nation don’t feel the need to even learn different languages and don’t see the advantage of learning a different language. If someone went on a vacation to the phillipines for example, would they not be irritated to find that, no one...
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