Essay 1

Topics: Family, Walnut, Juglans nigra Pages: 1 (511 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Essay 1

My essay will be developed around the poems “The Black Walnut Tree” and “Lineage”. Deep inside these poems we can discover the true meaning of love for family ties. “The Black Walnut Tree” unfolds strong feelings for the absent father and husband. This person comes to life with a form of a tree that serves as a family debate. Mother and Daughter are faced with a dilemma that can lead them to an economic stability or a sense of guilt. “But something brighter than money moves in our blood”. That something brighter it’s definitely the love and memory of his father that it’s no longer present. Even though the old tree brings up many different problems like roots in the drains, or the difficult task of cleaning up the leaves it’s hard for them to get rid of the tree. We can see the difficulty for this family in getting the money to pay off mortgage and the maintenance caused by the tree. But the love and strong feelings towards the husband and father figure outweighs the harsh reality. It’s clearly stated towards the end of the poem the pain and suffering that cutting the tree would bring to their life. It’s a sense of scare they don’t want to go through so they prefer to deal with it than feel guilty about it. That’s why they just talk about it but they won’t cut the tree. We can identify the importance of family ties that is represented in the walnut tree. The tree is the family tree that not only represents the father but the entire family. This is why the importance and sentimental attachments towards the tree. Something similar occurs in the poem “Lineage” where a child grows up idolizing her grandmothers. The lineage is the line of ancestors of the speaker. We can identify a deep love and admiration from a child towards her family. It gives me the impression that the speaker is remembering her childhood and compares herself with her grandmothers. She remembers them as strong hardworking women that represented a role model which she would like to...
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