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Topics: North America, Native Americans in the United States, United States Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: November 17, 2014
Native Americans, or Indians, or whatever people might choose call people who first came to North America, are pictured with bow and arrow, riding a horse, and hunting buffalos, or with a tomahawk in the hand, and a feather in their head trying to fight and be violent. The truth is people only see one side of the story. In reality Native Americans have a complex and diverse culture, that has evolved as the time has passed. They have gone from hunting mammoths, and collecting wild barriers to farming and making permanent settlements. Native Americans had a different kind of belief system that was unique from what other parts of the world had, but Native American culture evolved within North America, and things like geography, climate and vegetation played a crucial part in development and expansion of the Native American culture. Native American first came to North America from Beringia, the land bridge that was made up of snow and rain during the ice age. They crossed the bridge most likely while hunting for large animals, which Native Americans relied on for food, clothing, and tools. Today archeologist called these people Paleo-Indians. They made their way through Canada, and explored rest of the continent using an ice free passage, they also travelled along the Pacific coast for fishing. Their diets transformed as North America provided Paleo-Indians with a variety of different animals to hunt for. This caused the population of the Native Americans to increase within the first thousand years. They started to expend their population throughout the hemisphere. As they moved away from one another they created their own ways of doing things, and this caused a lot of different cultures to evolve. Archaic hunters and gatherers are the decedents of the Paleo-Indians, and they also hunted for animals, but unlike their predecessors, they hunted for smaller animals. They learned new ways to hunt, like their ancestors they used sharp spears, but they also used traps to...
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