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“How I Met My Husband”

Throughout Alice Munro’s short story “How I Met My Husband” the main character Edie changes. She interacts with different characters and her identity is influenced with every person she comes in contact with. Edie seems to reflect each person she talks to and mirrors who they are. By the end of the story though Edie figures out who she is and the reader is able to understand what forced her into being this person. The theme of this short story is that in order to find the right person to love it is necessary to first find one’s true identity. Throughout the story Edie changes her personality several times. When she is first introduced she is quiet and reserved. She does not seem to be able to make her own decisions. She follows directions given to her and stays out of trouble; although she is a little rebellious. For example, she tries on one of her employers, Mrs.Peebles’s long gown and puts on her make up when no one is home. No one besides Chris and Edie know that it happened, but it makes Edie seem more like a fifteen year old girl and less naive and helpless. From that point in the story it is expected that Edie and Chris should be together because they shared that moment of rebellion. Alice Munro leads readers to believe this and also that her story will follow every other generic love story. The main difference between Alice Munro’s story and all the others is that her main character is not as developed as the others. The author leaves out just enough information about Edie to have the reader wonder who she is. After the scene with Edie in the gown the reader starts to gain a better understand of what type of person she is. As the story continues the reader learns more of Edie’s personality. After Alice Kelling, Chris’s finance comes into town it is clear that Edie is a jealous person. Alice Munro says “I got back in bed and imagined about me coming home with him…” ( Alice Munro 209). This quote gives the reader more of a...

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Munro,Alice.”How I Met My Husband”. Literature; An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry,Drama, and Writing. Ed. X.J. Kennedy, Dana Gioia.Boston: Pearson, 2013. 203-214. Print.
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