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Just like essays in other subjects, math essays require you to consider your audience. Mathematician P.R. Halmos suggests in his article, "How to Write Mathematics," thinking of a particular person when writing, especially one whose math ways "can stand mending." Therefore, unless directed otherwise, write as if your audience has the same basic level of math skills as you. Though you are writing a math essay to explain an idea or solution, you also want to persuade your reader that your methodology is the best one. Keep in mind your professor or teacher is not the main audience member as he already understands the concept. Concept Essay Organization

A math essay about a concept looks similar to essays in other classes; it is, in fact, an expository essay. For this, you investigate a mathematical concept, develop further ideas about the theory based on research and make a claim in the form of a thesis statement. To write the essay, start with an introduction by stating the topic and its import. The introduction includes your claim about the theory. Develop the claim in subsequent paragraphs using evidence from your research as support. Conclude by tying up any loose ends and readdressing the theory in light of the information you provided. Equation Essay Organization

For an equation essay, state the problem and solution directly in the introduction; explain the significance of the problem and your rationale for solving it as you did. The significance and rationale are similar to a thesis statement, providing the basis for your argument. Write a paragraph clearly explaining how you approach the problem, thus giving the reader a guide to follow. For a complex problem, include a graph that helps demonstrate the result of your equation, explaining explicitly what the graph shows. Similarly, define variables precisely with phrases such as "Let n be any real number." Describe your method for solving the problem, guiding your reader through the formulas you...
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