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Topics: Science, Truth, Religion Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Dolores Ramirez
CORE 001-30D
Heather Devrick
October 1o, 2013
SCIENCE VS RELIGION, Can they coexist?
Science and religion are two subjects that have been in conflict since the begging of time, well more, since when modern science came to be so influential. Religion on the other hand has been around much longer; it has grown to be so dominating that most people today believe in some type of “religion” and more so it has become a basis to today’s world powers. But with that being said we have also come to realize that science has enlightened us with many answers to questions left unanswered by religion. In fact it goes both ways. Science has come to provide explanations to where religion had faltered and religion has come to provide explanations to where science had faltered. In other words science and religion can coexist on the same plane. Today we have come to understand the world because of science. Science is looked into rationally. Everything and everyone that is looked into, is trough experiments and observations. Those who “believe” in science are taught that nothing is true unless it is has been proven in truth through experiments. On the other hand religions believed through faith. Its followers are taught beliefs through teachings and religious books. Followers believe that every word that is read or said is in the word of God. God existence isn’t proven but felt and believed trough faith. Science believes in fact and religion believes in faith. Science believes in fact and in science nothing is believed to be absolutely true. There is been instances where something was proven false one day and the next its proven truth. For example, for the longest we believed that the earth was flat. In Hawkings article, “Our picture of the Universe” a philosopher believed otherwise, he believed that the earth was round not flat. In his book On the Heavens he supports his theses with arguments. One argument had to with the eclipses of the moon; the eclipse gave...

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Hawking, Stephen. "Our Picture of the Universe." A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes.Toronto: Bantam, 1997. 566. Print.
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