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Topics: University, Academic degree, Higher education Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Sheree’ Moffat
Mr. Pairre
English 101-D
Exemplification Essay 1
19 February 2013

College is Worth it in the End

Right now in our century, a college education is no longer an option, but a necessity. Many college students at universities around the world all have one big question when entering into their next step of education. A college student’s biggest problem when entering school is whether or not their college degree is worth going into debt and how they will afford tuition, books, activity fees, etc. There are different opinions from both sides that contain a valid argument. I believe college is definitely worth possibly going into debt. Here are some statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS announced in 2011 that the unemployment rate for people with college credits but no degree was eight point seven percent.  That number plummeted to four point nine percent for people who earned a bachelor’s degree and three point six percent for those with a master’s degree.  There are salary benefits as well.  In that same year, those who did not finish college earned seven hundred nineteen dollars per week, while college graduates earned approximately one thousand fifty-three dollars per week and those with graduate degrees earned one thousand two hundred and sixty-three dollars per week. A growing number of students suffer soaring college debt, many questions are being raised about the value of higher education and the job offerings in a struggling economy (BLS.) The main reason why people go to college is not because they want to but because they have to. Nowadays it is hard to get a decent paying job without a college degree. Going to college and getting a degree does not necessarily guarantee that a student is going to get a job right after graduation. A student needs to get a job as soon as possible after graduating to pay back all student loans and debts. The main question asked today is, “Is College really worth going into debt?” Kaycie...

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