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Topics: Roman Empire, Han Dynasty, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Samuel Schmidt
Essay #1-Compare and Contrast the Han and Roman Empires in terms of their technological achievements The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire are both similar and different in terms of their technological achievements. These two empires have set examples on how to be a flourishing, organized, well developed and successful society. One reason modern day Asia is so successful is because of the Han Dynasty. One reason modern day North America and Europe are so successful is because we somewhat follow in the footsteps of the Roman Empire. Our political systems are highly influenced by the Roman Empire. Future generations should not just learn from past generation’s mistakes, but also from past generations achievements. Modern day society has taken in, and learned from the achievements of past generations. Similarities of these two empires are well documented. One major and most common similarity the Han and Roman empires share is they were both very successful and dominant compared to other societies of their time. One reason these two empires were so dominant is because of their advancement in architecture. During the Han Dynasty much of the Great Wall of China was built. Although the Han Dynasty was much more advanced in architecture than other societies they could not compare to Roman architecture, no one really could. The Romans are known for many things but one of the most commonly talked about subjects when it comes to Rome is architecture. The Romans are given credit for creating cement, which leads to all their other architecture achievements, like the Arch of Titus, The Arch of Constantine, and one of the most famous Roman Buildings the Roman Colosseum. The Roman and Han dynasty were also similar in the matter of what their weapons were made of. The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire both used bronze and iron for things like swords, and shields. These two powerful empires share another thing in common, roads and trades routes. Some of these trade...
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