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In this work I am going to describe idea of my future final thesis. As name for my MBA-theses first choose: “IT-company internationalization: Healthcare service IT-product integration in Russian (Eastern Europe) market”. This is interesting topic for me because I’m not IT-person, but I would like to know more how to deal with businesses which are involved in IT. Target product interest’s me because it deal with my first education which is Bachelor in Nursing Science. Finland depends much on Russian market, so I want to find standard approach in entering Russian market for the company dealing with IT-product. There’re other IT product’s for healthcare in Finland, company’s owning them are interested for sure in expanding to Russian market. In my previous job I have experience of globalization of the Finnish company to Russian market. That company is also deal with health care, but it is specialized more in workforce recruiting and outsourcing. Selling of IT-product differ from time to time sometimes it’s quite easy, for example “Angry Birds”-case and sometimes it’s a bit complicated for example MS Office (because 80% of users in Eastern market use illegal copy). Also now times all the jobs are dealing somehow with IT. I hope this work in future increase my value in job market. Without this kind of study of entering emerging market company’s risks of failure are quite high. Because the product is not so usual and the market is not working upon common rules.

Target company is 100% owned in Finland and company is doing software for elderly care and long term psychiatric wards. Company in the local market more then 10 years. Also it is already expanded into Switzerland, Sweden and Australia. For now company doesn’t have branches abroad, but it is working through local agents. Company’s software is based in open recourse care plane, which is developed by worldwide NPO.

The next step for research is to choose proper research questions. I think when company goes to abroad always before all marketing research should be performed and searching for target product demand and possibility of adapting. Also speed of adaptation could be estimated. For research questions I choose: How to go (what would be the right strategy, the first steps) with IT-technology abroad, especially to Eastern markets and to Russia? How to deal with new software in emerging markets? How to protect copyrights in new business environment? Research problem: new market expansion and same as research questions

Study interest: increasing in sales, internationalization, value adding to international clients.

This research I would like to make in qualitative method. I think this is good decision, because this is pilot project and exactly the same work never done before. So there is no case to compare with. Qualitative method is better to employ here, because in this kind of research you can always get new ideas on the way, and I think it is not possible to stock on the wall. But, of course, in the market already exist and working other IT-projects and companies. Also target company has experience in entering as other EU-countries and overseas countries markets.

With employing of this method it is good to became member of the group, familiarize with the product and study of company’s history. My method is to make interviews of key informants for example for CEO and business development manager as well as regional managers. I’ll make list with questions same for every informant. Also there should be special questions for every informant. I’ll try to set day of interview for each person separately. And in the end of interview I want to make discussion about the topic. I plan to interview about 7-10 people. After this upon results it is good to make meeting with steering group to hear their idea’s on the case. I think that this interview method will be most beneficial in this case, because I can see each person face to face and then reply rate will be 100%....

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