Esrb Failure

Topics: Video game, Entertainment Software Rating Board, Nonviolent video game Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: May 23, 2009
The problems right now is that ESRB is not strong enough. ESRB should be more restrictive in rating violent video games. According to Whiting, the ESRB’s decision to start hiring new gamer raters instead of non-gamer raters because “Previously, the ESRB's hiring policy has been to avoid recruiting from the ranks of actual gamers, the theory being that people soaked in game culture and aesthetics might not be the best judges of character when it came to what's appropriate for little Johnny”. Often younger teens get their hands on the video games that are made for adult consumers. I found out that the current ESRB system is ineffective in protecting children from purchasing inappropriate games (Parvaz). According to the “Video Games and Violence” the ESRB does not have the authority for the retailer to stop the sale of M rated (Mature) game to minors. According to “Update: Video Games and Violence”, “the FTC study conducted in 2003 which found that 69% of children between the ages of 13 and 16 who wanted to purchase M-rated games were easily able to do so, and a 2004 study, conducted by the New York City Council, which determined that 16 year old living in New York had a nearly 90% success rate in purchasing games intended for adults aged 17 and up”. This proves the ESRB rating system lacks the power to regulate the retailers from selling M rated video games to underage children. According to “Video Games and Violence” the current rating system is not strong enough and inefficient because ESRB is run by the game industry itself, and it is a voluntary system. The ESRB rating system still has weaknesses and needs to be more accurate in rating video game policies. First problem is that ESRB does not provide enough information to the parent or consumer before they buy it. First ESRB is establishing to help parent to buy a game suitable for their children. But the ESRB claim that it is a parents’ responsibility for their children to play the video games, but not the...
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