Espn Case Study

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ESPN Case Study

Questions for Discussions
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1. To consumers the ESPN brand means quality sports entertainment. It is a way to cater to the sports need of mostly male consumers. It is easily accessible and manges to extend its brand by reaching consumers through various methods such as television, radio, internet and mobile.

2. In the area of core benefits, ESPN is selling sports entertainment. The actual product is the constant access to sports information. The features include reaching a variety of sports fans. Packaging is geared towards the male sports fan and allows them be connect to sports via television, radio, internet and mobile. The augmented product of ESPN is in the ability to keep up with all aspects of the sports industry and is ability to remain in existence since 1981.

3. I think that ESPN has strong brand equity. ESPN is able to capture the customer’s loyalty and preference with it easy access, expansions of brands, and availability outside of the home such as in airports and on airplane.

Its equity brand relates to its brand value. ESPN’s strong brand equity has allowed it to exist for a significant amount of time. Its connection with sports fan, quality of service, and its strong customer relationship indicates that its high brand equity leads to a strong brand value.

4. The following is a table showing co-branding efforts involving the ESPN brand and the benefits and possible risks of each effort.

|Cases |Benefits |Possible Risks | |Integrated its contents with ABC to form |A larger viewing audience. |ESPN name loses it fans due to changing. | |ESPN on ABC. |Access to different types of sport events, | | | |NBA Finals, NASCAR, NCAA football, etc. |Possible loss of...
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