Esperanza Book Report Outline

Topics: Esperanza Rising, Great Depression, Character Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: February 25, 2013
1)Title: Esperanza Rising
Author: Pam Munoz Ryan
Genre: Novel, Fiction

2) Plot-
On the day of Esperanza’s birthday, was also the day when the grapes began to harvest. Every year her parents would celebrate the harvest & her birthday. A few weeks after the harvest finished and the party preparation stated, Esperanza accidently cut her thumb while picking a rose. She knew it meant bad luck, but she picked more flowers while waiting for her papa. She waited for a long time and decides to leave the garden to tell her mama about her cut. Mama reminds Esperanza that a rose cut is bad luck. Esperanza worries that something bad had happen to her papa. Esperanza and her mother know that bandits look for the wealthiest landowner and attack them. Mama, Esperanza, Abuelita, and their servants wait for papa in his study room. Esperanza’s uncles arrive and tell them that they have found papa. Miguel and Alfonso returns with papa dead in the back of the wagon.

3) Setting-
-Aguascaliscates, Mexico
- California
During the great depression

4) Protagonist
Character: Esperanza
Description: Hard Worker
Example: Esperanza must forget how her life has been ruined by her uncles. She must learn how to work as a migrant worker, when she had been raised as a rich and powerful daughter. Antagonist
Characters: Tio Luis & Tio Marco
Description: Heartless
Example: Tio Luis & Tio Marco joined forces to ruin Esperanza’s and Mama’s life. They use their powers to drive mama & Esperanza out of Mexico and use Abuelita as a threat.

5) Conflict-
The conflict of this plot is the problem by the protagonist. In Esperanza Rising, Esperanza is a poor immigrant that is living in California after the death of her father and their house destroyed in Mexico * Character vs Character

6) Point of View-
Third person omniscient
Esperanza, Mama, and others share their thoughts.

7) Theme-
When you feel like you have a bad life, there people who...
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