Esperanza and Ramon

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Bharati Mukherjee, Want Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Mary H Chavez
English 100
April 20, 2014

In “Two ways to belong in America” by Bharati Mukherjee discusses two sisters finding themselves on different sides in the current debate over the status of immigrants. Bharati is an American citizen while her sister Mira is not but they have both lived in U.S for about the same amount of time. Mira still lives in Detroit, works in the Southfield, Michigan, school system, and has become all over the country recognized for her contributions in the fields of pre-school education and parent- teacher relationships. After 36 years as a legal immigrant in this country, she clings passionately to her Indian citizenship and hopes to go home to India when she retires. She married an indian student and stood in her heritage of marrying into her culture. However, Bharati married a U.S citizen and feels like she needs to be part of the society, she has adopted as she has tried to feel in Canada. She feels like she needs to put her roots down for her to vote and make a difference. Throughout the story both sisters have different opinions as to whether or not it important to belong or not to belong. Even though for some it is better to stand out and not to belong. Belonging is something that feels good and makes you feel welcome. It makes one feel like they have a purpose, support and a sense of achievement.

Mira and Bharati had the average sisterly bond and were affectionate with one another. However, they secretly pitied each other one for not belonging and planting down her roots the other for her lack of indianness culture. Mira felt that nothing was wrong with being a legal immigrant, it wasn’t like she was breaking any of the United States rules. She was content with her status in America, she did not wish to obtain citizenship. This is how one might feel in college the sense to just be there walking around, attending class but not engaging in any social activities. When I first attended school this is how I...
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