Espace Et Changes Global Cities

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A global city is a city having a strategic position in diverse domains, mainly economic, political and cultural at the world level and establishing a nodes of communications. Global cities as London, the second world city after New York, is the leaders in the world as well as on the international market. That is why, a global city is a city who influences global affairs in terms of politics, culture, and various socio-economic means. We studied the notions spaces and exchanges, that is why it is interesting to ask us how global cities, as geographical spaces, can have an impact on the people and exchanges. First of all, I will look at the impact of global cities on people everyday lives, before to mention the diversity and exchanges, and then, the future of global cities.

The global cities have real impacts positive as well as negative on the population in everyday lives. At first, the positive aspects of a global city are obvious. The inhabitants have access to numerous services. Indeed, the strong economic development that knows the global cities, which are leaders in the economic world, allow these cities to invest in diverse infrastructures. Equally, the access to culture is another major positive aspect of the global cities, which propose a quality education on account of their world-class universities. However, the global cities know important negative impacts for their population. The most problematic of them are the pollution owed essentially to an overcrowded population. For instance, during the Great Smog due to the factories pollution in 1952, the inhabitants of London were irritable, even knew health problems because of the unbreathable sight. The global cities have an impact on exchanges, and also on diversity. First of all, the urban space encourages various forms of exchanges whether it is exchanges, cultural, ethnics or still linguistic. The cultural diversity due to the multiethnic dimension of the...
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