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End of Seminar Project:

Apex Care Pharmacy Seeks to Increase Revenue and Reduce Competition from Chain Pharmacies by Focusing on Mental Healthcare Facilities

AMBA 604 Section 9046
Professor Sundar
March 15, 2009

Table of Contents

Executive Summary3


Project Management Plan4

I. Project Overview4
Project Goal4
Project Manager4
Project Team4
Team Contract4
Project Deliverables5

II. Project Organization5
Organizational Structure5
Roles and Responsibilities5

III. Work Breakdown Structure & Schedule6
Work Breakdown Structure6
Work Schedule6

IV. Managerial Process6
Assumptions, Dependencies, & Constraints6
Risk Management7
Monitoring & Controlling Mechanisms7

V. Operations Management Plan7
Operations Strategy7

VI. Information Systems Plan8
Information Systems Objectives8
Information Systems Management/Maintenance8
Information Security8



Executive Summary

One of the main challenges facing independent pharmacies is competition from larger chain pharmacies and mail order services. Apex Care Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy seeking to become more competitive with chain retailers and increase revenue by partnering with Mental Healthcare facilities. Market research has revealed that client intake at these Mental Health facilities has spiked in recent years with an average of 150 clients per facility. Obtaining business from these facilities would be a tremendous opportunity for Apex to increase customer volume and company revenue.

Deliverables for this project include establishing a long-term partnership with at least three Mental Healthcare facilities. This endeavor will also increase pharmacy revenue by servicing the monthly medication needs of facility clients. Since Apex is a relatively small establishment, the project team will consist of the Project Manager who is the Pharmacy Owner, the Pharmacy Manager, the Marketing Representative, the Pharmacist, and the Pharmacy Techs. The Project Manager will oversee the entire project and serve as the final decision maker on all project details. The Marketing Rep will locate and recruit Mental Healthcare facilities, the Pharmacy Manager will handle administrative aspects, the Pharmacist will process and fill client prescriptions, and the Pharmacy Techs will support the Pharmacist in these tasks.

The project will consist of a three phase process. Phase 1 will involve the Marketing Rep. researching and locating different Mental Healthcare facilities. During Phase 2 the Marketing Rep. will visit and recruit Mental Health facilities, involving multiple steps to completion. Phase 3 is contingent upon the progress and completion of Phase 2 and includes preparation and maintenance of client medication needs. The Pharmacist and Pharmacy techs will be instrumental in completion of Phase 3 which is an on-going process since mental health clients receive medication on a monthly basis. Since Apex’s goal is to acquire a partnership with at least three Mental Healthcare facilities, project phases will be on-going with continuous monitoring until project goals are achieved.

Operational goals for this project are to serve clients effectively and efficiently while providing optimal value. This will be accomplished through the development of an assembly line including the Pharmacist and Pharmacy Techs working cooperatively to process prescriptions more efficiently. A top priority for Apex is to continue to provide personalized quality care to all customers.

Apex Care Pharmacy will utilize HBS, the leading pharmacy software provider designed to supply a comprehensive and efficient database for...

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