Eskom- Load Shedding

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Rolling blackout, Cape Argus Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: November 24, 2008
Eskom’s ‘Load shedding’

Our community seems outraged by Eskom. People feel that because they paying for their power then why should they save? Yes it is Eskom’sfault that they never placed a power back up system but we do have to live with it for a while unfortunately. However Eskom does claim that they are doing everything possible in order to accommodate everyone. People are saying though that they are not living up to any of their promises made in the beginning. In fact many claims and promises made were written in numerous articles but were contradicted by their lack of performance and failure to deliver. People have been so outraged and disgusted by the load shedding but at the same time they feel so helpless. People are not equipped with the knowledge as to how to deal with no electricity.

Examples of new adjustments people have to live with:

• People now have to learn how to use traffic lights as a four ways stop. This has caused accidents due to inpatient drivers taking a gap when possible and not obeying any of the rules. • Doing their daily chores and activities without the use of electricity. • Businesses suffer because they run mainly on power. This mainly means a loss of customers and money. Also a loss with production and slows everything down. • This in fact slows the whole economy down.

False promises Eskom made and failed to deliver:
• Jacob Maroga said in a statement that Eskom would begin “pre- emptive shedding” on March 31. it’s the beginning of March and we already experiencing load shedding. • They claim that the power cuts will not last longer than two hours and would take place between 6am and 10 pm. This has not been experienced yet because we are still experiencing longer power cuts. • Another thing is that the times they will be load shedding is peak business time and two hours of their business time means lots of money is lost. Therefore people are feeling entitled to sue for their money back...
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