Eschericia Coli "The Bacterial Beast"

Topics: Bacteria, Escherichia coli, Proteobacteria Pages: 3 (695 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Escherichia Coli “The Bacterial Beast”
E.coli or binomial name Escherichia coli was discovered by a German pediatrician named Theodore Escherich in 1885. Dr. Escherich originally named the bacteria, bacillus communis coli. After the demise of Dr. Escherich the intestinal bacteria was then named Escherichia coli after the late doctor in 1919. The bacteria Escherichia coli are classified as follows.

Domain- Bacteria
Kingdom- Eubacteria
Phylum- Proteobacteria
Class- Gammaproteobacteria
Order- Enterobacteriales
Family- Enterbacteriaceae
Genus- Escherichia
Species- E. coli
Escherichia coli is a heterotrophic bacteria that is most commonly found within the small intestines of humans and other animals. This bacteria survives by getting its nutrition through ingesting unused or undigested nutrients in the bowels of its host. If ingested by humans or other mammals, E. coli causes food poisoning and serious infection. There are currently many different strains of E. coli and every living human carries at least one of them in their intestines. Although most strains are harmless there are a few that cause serious ailment. E. coli is a gram negative bacterial cell that consists of a very thin exterior membrane that covers a layer of peptidoglycan and ends with another thin membrane. E. coli is a bacillus or rod shaped, chemoheterotrophic bacteria cell that respires with anaerobic respiration using inorganic materials. E. coli is also a prokaryotic cell that reproduces asexually through binary fission for reproduction instead of meiosis.

E. coli has adapted to live in some of the harshest conditions it has encountered. These bacteria can live in the intestines of different mammals and then can be dispersed through fecal matter where it can still survive in any temperature below one hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit. E.coli survives in the intestines of humans with a body temperature of ninety eight point six degrees...

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