Escapism: Complex and Work Studies Peer

Topics: Complex, Causality, Inferiority complex Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Stress has now become a regular part of life. It can be of varying intensity, can be caused by innumerable factors and at any age. To get relief from such stress, we try to find other outlets. That is the reason why we yearn for holidays, recreation and entertainment so that we can relax and enjoy life forgetting the day to day chaotic troubles. When you have reached the limits of your abilities to cope with stress in your life, you may still be embarrassed, scared or so overwhelmed that you start taking part in escapist behaviors to try and feel better.  There are three different ways some of us cope up with stress in our lives.: 1.Distraction 2.Escapism 3.Avoidance

Distraction – Or, I’ll deal with it later
Distractions are about taking breaks and doing something else for a little while.  This can help you be more focused when you return, but the danger is the more you put it off with other activities, the more stressed you may become as your time to completion gets shorter. Avoidance – Or, I might deal with it …sometime

Avoidance is like distractions on steroids.  There can be so much avoidance that each act of avoidance takes up more and more time and this leads to a vicious circle of behavior.  But there are all sorts of ways that we may be avoiding dealing with our feelings of stress, from illness and sleep to over-achievement or procrastination.  We will discuss in more detail later.

Escape – Or, I don’t want to deal with it…ever.
Escaping is the most dangerous of the ways we may try to cope and many times this will come after dealing with it with distraction and avoidance.  Some may try to escape with the use of drugs, dropping out, lying to others, even to the point of injuring themselves of attempting suicide.  Escapism only compounds the problems and we still have not looked at solving the underlying issues of our stress. No matter our age, in elementary or high school, in college or on the job, what we really need is...
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