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White Paper

The Role of ESB in integrating B/OSS Platforms

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Glossary of Terms
Sl. No.| Abbreviation| Details|
1. | CSR| Contact Centre Representatives|
2. | ESB| Enterprise Service Bus|
3. | EAI| Enterprise Application Integration|
4. | OSS| Operational Support Systems|
5. | BSS| Business Support Systems|
6. | SOA| Service Oriented Architecture|
7. | MOM| Message Oriented Middleware|
8. | ETL| Extract Transform and Load|
9. | SLA| Service Level Agreement|
10. | JCA| Java Connector Architecture|
11. | JMX| Java Management Extensions |
12. | XML| Extensible Mark-up Language|

This Whitepaper discusses the use of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in Telecommunication domain and addresses the key challenges posed by traditional integration products/methodologies. However, this Whitepaper does not cover an end-to-end ESB architecture or best ESB's to choose


Business Case7
Limitations of Traditional EAIs8
Introduction to ESB9
ESB in Action in Telecom B/OSS Platforms10
Benefits of ESB12
Referential Architecture Using ESB13

Back Ground

Communication service providers (CSPs) are challenged by the need to grow revenue, improve time to market, and improve operational efficiency while reducing cost. CSPs must innovate and be agile to win—and optimized operations support systems and business support systems (OSS/BSS) are vital to future success. The OSS/BSS integration solution for telecommunications can help you drive costs out of your operations and provide an agile environment for new and innovative revenue-producing services. In the last two decades, the IT Industry has seen the life cycle of integration starting from traditional MOMs and then graduating to vendor driven EAIs along with various other Enterprise integration technologies. The latest and one of the most promising architecture to have emerged during this period is Enterprise Service Bus. An ESB oriented solution addresses lots of key challenges in the integration space and is out to establish itself as a key trend.

* Introduction
The ESB approach to integration can provide the underlying integrated solution as a service based, loosely coupled, highly integrated and widely available network that extends beyond the boundaries of a traditional hub and spoke EAI broker. An ESB has the following characteristics that we would touch based upon in the later sections of the Whitepaper. * Highly Adaptable

* Distributed
* Ability to selectively deploy Integration components
* Secure and Reliable
* Ability to orchestrate processes
* Monitoring
The Telecommunication Industry forms a business case for using Enterprise Service Bus as an EAI broker particularly for an OSS/BSS solution. This white paper focuses on how ESB addresses the key challenges of integration in Telecommunication domain.

* Business Case
In a typical OSS/BSS ecosystem, there are various disparate systems involved, from customer Servicing system to the Provisioning, Billing and Mediation systems. In addition, this niche Of OSS/BSS environment consists of numerous third-party systems in order to complete the OSS/BSS backbone of the Enterprise. These systems are technically and functionally variant and connected using a single or multiple integration methodology/products. All these various pieces are wired together and this accomplishes the OSS/BSS environment....
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