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Unit 2930 Marketing (V4) (10 CREDITS, L6)
Develop and coordinate marketing strategies

Name: Harshil Pancholi

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction:

The proposal is conducted to assess two potential markets namely Australia and New Zealand to decide which market will provide best opportunity for Pumpkin Patch Limited to enter with girl’s clothing goods range. This proposal also includes systematic evaluation and grading of both markets with different types of screening criteria (macro and micro level pointers) like economic, political, industrial, cultural and market factor. These criteria will be used to find out company’s objectives and restriction in potential foreign market. And moreover after selecting appropriate market, recommendation will be given for how the firm can approach to enter the market as well as which entry strategy, positioning strategy should be taken on the bases of data collected and examined. Their key products are as follows:

Baby Boy
Baby Girl
Patch Denim Jeans
Patch Denim Jeans
Tops & Tees
Tops & Tees
Blue Hawaii
Tropical paradise
Summer Surf Carnival
Caribbean Cruise
Beach Boys
Spring fiesta
Jackets & Knitwear
Jackets & Knitwear
Urban Safari, Camping Adventure, etc (Pumpkin Patch Limited, 2012) Candy Girl, Swimwear, leggings & Skirts (Urban Angel)

2.0 Strategic position:
2.1 Evaluate the specific product in terms of its current competitive position and market attractiveness. The three products which I choose for this projects are Girl Clothing, Boy Clothing and Baby Clothing. Product

(1) Girl Clothing
Pumpkin patch has many brands in girl clothing like baby girl (new born to 18 months), little girl (12-18 months to 5 years), Girl (6 to 12 years old), urban angel girl ( 8 to 16 years old). One of the specific products of Pumpkin Patch is Candy girl from Urban Angel. The quality of this product can be estimated on the basis of its performance as it is sold in many countries.

(2) Boy Clothing
like baby clothing, pumpkin has three different brands in boy clothing. Baby boy ( new born to 18 months), Little boy (12-18 months to 5 years) and boy (6 years to 12 years).

(3) Baby Clothing
pumpkin patch has good collections for baby clothing. they include new born (new prem to 18 months), baby girl (new born to 18 months) and baby boy (new born to 18 months). The BCG Matrix is a most common tool to analyse the product portfolios for any business. It requires two pieces of information share of product in the market and how quickly market is growing. To analyse the products they can be segmented into four categories: (1)Cow: Girl Clothing are the good example of COW of (BCG Matrix). As there are large number of consumers of Girl Clothing in christchrch but its market growth rate is slow and its sale was increased slowly and steadily from 1993 till today by 30%. (2) Star: Baby Clothing is the star product according to the BCG Matrix tool for business. As, in 1993, sale of baby clothing were $6.1 million and it increased up to $6.7 million till 2012. The Star product has high sale performance and also lots of consumers. (3) Dog: Boy clothing is dog according to the BCG Matrix tool for business. Boy clothing usage is increased by 5% currently from 20.5% 2012. Sale of this product is low and also growth rate is low. Current Competitive Position

Pumpkin patch has two main competitors in christchurch. they are farmers and kmart. these all three companies has good competition in market. in 2012, there was no good impression of pumpkin patch in a market. afterwards they started to do selling in good competitive price in market. In present, pumpkin patch providing the starting range from $5. on other side, kmart has same starting range but they dont have much quality of goods in store and farmers start their range from $15. So, most of the Children prefer...
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