Errors In Medical Billing

Topics: Medical record, Audit / Pages: 6 (1324 words) / Published: Mar 23rd, 2017
Medical billing and coding are the key resources in providing healthcare organization revenue and salaries. Based on the amount of each patient visit and if the visit was cleared and processed. The medical coder and biller must collect the accurate information, which can provide hospitals reliable revenue to function. The medical billing department must have accurate information and the correct knowledge of medical terminology for procedures, and diagnosis. Not only should they know how to accurately do their assigned duties, they must be aware of the consequences of a claim not entered accurately. Many billed medical claims are returned or are never billed due to the lack of diagnose and procedures are not disclosed in doctors’
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To decrease denied or rejected claims there must be better communication with the billing and doctors. According to Medical Billing and Coding Certifications (2017), “The goal of the medical biller is to ensure that the provider is properly reimbursed for their services. In the pursuit of this goal, errors, both human and electronic, are unfortunately unavoidable. Since the process of medical billing involves two incredibly important elements (namely, health and money), it’s important to reduce as many of these errors as possible.” (para 1). Thus, it can assist with prevention of simple errors like incorrect patient information, incorrect coding, incorrect provider information, mismatched medical codes, duplicated billing, leaving out codes altogether for producers and diagnoses, or under coding, over coding, and poor documentations. The new policy would also help with fixing errors before they happen because everyone from the billing department to doctors would follow through with the guidelines they have establish and to work as a team. It would provide ethical billing, positive communication, as well as the ability to stay current on all audits and …show more content…
Every staff member is to check and read the policy in the organization link to indicate that they acknowledge the new policy. Next is notifying employees when the policy is to be effective and when an audit is taking place. Also, include in the memo that all providers and billing department is going to be monitored, along with that data is going to be collected to see how effective the new policy is

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