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Errors Hidden Between the Lines

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme / Pages: 4 (976 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2008
Errors hidden between the lines

Poetry is feeling put into words, expressed rhythmically passionately and creatively, but even then poets still make some errors. Poems have a great deal of imagination, feeling and especially strong emotions. Poets may try to explain what they are feeling or writing about, but the reader may not quite understand. This is what causes confusion and problems to the readers when they are reading certain poems. Poets often make mistakes in their poems without even noticing it. A good poet describes their emotions or feelings the best they possibly can and remains with the same tone throughout the poem. They do not assume that the reader knows what they are feeling or understands it. Ken U Deviner's poems are an example of bad poetry and how he often makes mistakes or glitches in his poems. There are numerous ways to make mistakes without even noticing it. Bad poetry includes unnecessary repetition, change in the word order, making the poem difficult to. Thus, thinking too little, forcing the rhyme and thinking too much make Ken U. Deviner a bad poet.

To begin with, in the poem “Safety Net,” Ken U. Deviner demonstrates the characteristic of thinking too little quite a bit in his poem. Thinking too little when writing a poem is usually when the poet uses pointless repetition and the incorrect use of vocabulary. These mistakes leave the reader questioning the poet’s language in the poem causing confusion and uncertainty. This characteristic makes the reader uncertain of what is going on, which makes the poem a source of bad poetry. From the lines “Perhaps I secretly wish to see her fall/ Sucked in by the collective grasp of the crowd/I long to witness this free fall/ how easy it is to fall” Ken U. Deviner is proved to be making mistakes by being very repetitive. He has used the same word (fall), three times when it is not necessary to do so. He also attempts to use different words to try and say the same message. For these reasons, Ken U Deviner’s poem “Safety Net” is not a good poem since the characteristic of thinking too little is identified and was not avoided.

Secondly, in the poem “Holy Grails,” Ken U Deviner reveals the characteristic of forcing the rhyme. Often times poets may alter a word or change the word order in the line just to make the poem rhyme. This is an incorrect way of trying to create a poem that rhymes. This will result in the reader doubting the poet’s vocabulary and understanding of the language. Ken U. Deviner changes the word order and alters the word in the lines “And of course all the while/Someone with a tuxedo smile/But you come along and this cup you make/Into a sacrament which you take”.” The first line is an example of how the

poet is forcing the rhyme. The second line shows that the poet changed/altered the word in order for the lines to rhyme. The poet does this by using the words “tuxedo smile.” Tuxedo’s do not smile, which would make this poem very confusing to the readers and be caught off guard of what the poet is trying to get across. Also the poet changes the word order of the line in order for the rhyme to be accurate in the poem. Thus, changing or altering the word in any way results in making Ken U. Deviner a bad poet.

Finally, in the poem “Soapspots on a Black Sedan” Ken U Deviner shows the characteristic of the poet thinking too much. Poetry may seem very well written, but it must remain that way for it to be considered a good poem. However when the poet attempts to sound sophisticated, that is when they have gone out of range. The poet must be consistent throughout the whole poem in order to prevent confusion. If the poet uses simple words most of the time and then oddly try to use more clever words, that results in inconsistency, which makes bad poetry. Ken U. Deviner demonstrates thinking too much in the lines “Ice cream truck scuttles puddles/ Kids come running through garden hoses/An acrimonious Irene stepping on cracks/From the fulcrum of fate.” The first two lines show the poem to be for the younger readers; however the last two lines are the opposite. Throughout most of the poem, the poet has used simple words, but near the end the poet changes his mind and uses more sophisticated words. This will cause the reader to confused and uncertain of what they are reading. Thus, the words acrimonious and fulcrum may cause the reader confusion and frustration resulting from the poet thinking too much.
Therefore, pointless repetition, altering word order and attempting to sound sophisticated make Ken U. Deviner a bad poet. Deviner thinks too little when he continuously repeated words throughout the poem “Safety Net.” If the poet is repeating the same words over and over, the reader may lose their focus on that poem and their mind wander off. In the poem “Holy Grails,” Deviner forces the rhyme when he changes the word, and order in the line. The subject of the sentence does not seem to matter to him, as long as the lines rhyme. Deviner thinks too much in the poem “Soapspots on a Black Sedan” when he attempts to sound sophisticated for no reason. This can cause the reader to get caught off guard while reading the poem. Each one of these errors can make a bad poem. Since Deviner did not overcome these mistakes, that makes him a bad poet. The proper use of language, feeling, description, etc must be present in order for a poem to be referred to as a good poem.

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