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Robyn Dougherty
MHA 601
Dr. Hwang Ji-lu
February 23, 2014

In health care with the postmodernism (PM) and complex adaptive system (CAS), strategic thinking is an ability to view operations, issues and problems as they transform over years. The error avoidance is determining the causes of the problem outside the department, and the health care setting, to customers, competitors and environmental forces. This sort of system thinking is managers recognize constant changes within health care. There are different types of professional mindsets that affect and involve a number of employees in development, and the delivery of health care services. This paper will illustrate challenges in the process and errors managers have in employee development, policies/procedures, rewards and the community in market analysis. Managers Model the Process

Managers have been traditionally taught to be good problem solvers: find out what is wrong and fix it (Johnson, 2009, p. 73). According to Johnson (2009) in order for managers to model the way Postmodernism (PS) and Complex Adaptive System (CAS) are two system approaches to managing healthcare organizations. CAS models the way managers develop strategies in relationships among agents, between agents and their environment that most affects the quality of the system (Johnson, 2009, p.71). According to Johnson (2009) the PS is an umbrella term for a group of philosophical ideas that challenged the assumptions of modernism and the resultant social and historical viewpoints.

Therefore there are several managerial errors to avoid. According to Johnson (2009, p. 80) the first error is the manager’s failure to account for employees to learn safe machine operations. This means when employees are left to experiment with operational equipment they will cut corners, speed up production and in so doing reduce the procedural...

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