Error Avoidance in Post Modern/Complex Adaptive Systems

Topics: Management, Knowledge management, Organization Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: February 24, 2014
As society changes so does healthcare organizations. There for we must find new and effective ways to manage it. The postmodern and complexity adaptive system also promotes that managers should improve plans for learning new strategies. When making changes in management skills this makes postmodern and complexity adaptive systems more productive. Healthcare managers always have challenges everyday depending on the situation. In management you must be able to define what is accurate when making decisions, as well as do what is right. This paper will cover ten mistakes and explain why these could be mistakes in healthcare management organizations.

The first error I will explain is the responsibility for each employee to learn the safe machine operation by trying it on their own. This allows the employees to find their own ways to speed up production, and eliminate the step by step processing. By teaching adequate training on the new methods there will be fewer injuries and create a safe environment. During the orientation process each employee should be told the operational process as a whole, and what is expected of each of them. Beyond this each employee should be individually taught by their supervisor, so they understand their part in the operation of the organization. This also helps the employees to know different levels of management in their department as well. (Johnson, 2009)

When disciplining an employee, and hoping for a change, but everyone in the office feel that it was handle incorrectly. So this creates massive responses. What this tells me is that this employee put his or her business out there, so the whole office would know what occurred. By doing so they created chaos within the organization, and that management failed to do their job. “A fundamental fact often overlooked in our efforts to change and improve how we practice is that what you know depends on who you know. Our knowledge base and practice patterns are, in some measure,...

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