Erroneous Textbooks Still Rated Perfect by Deped

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Erroneous textbooks still rated perfect by DepEd
Why we’re left behind
Long-time "sick book" crusader, Antonio Calipjo Go says, "you only have to look at the textbooks used in public schools to find out what’s wrong with the Philippine education system." The controversy over error-filled textbooks distributed by the government has raged for many years.
I had no idea on how DepEd textbook reviewers evaluate books so I was really surprised to learn about the process. UP history professor Maria Serena Diokno said the manual for textbook reviewers from the DepEd Instructional Materials Council Secretariat (IMCS) gave a “perfect grade” even for textbooks that have three major errors.
Diokno discovered the flaw after she led UP professors in reviewing the social studies textbooks used in elementary and high school and found factual errors, biases and serious conceptual omissions
I have read some articles about Mr. Go exposing the errors of Philippine textbooks. The Grades 1 to VI series of books, English For You And Me authored by Elodie Cada, are found full of errors. Mr. Go had said he found more than 500 errors in the books. The DepEd had claimed that the books were reviewed by an editorial board from the Ateneo De Manila University and 'passed with flying colors a rigid, multistage screening process, going through four areas of evaluation.'
Here are some of the comical and dreadful entries in those books:
Grade 6
The rain and storm are needed to snuff out the heat in the air.
In interviewing people, use questions that begin with who, what, when, where, how and did.
If you lose your keys, don't fuss. If you lose your face, don't wince.
Grade 4
After sunset, that is the time Muslims eat and drink much until midnight. Then they start fasting again the next day.
Strong winds blow the rain inside the clouds.
When an enemy comes, the porcupine releases some spines from its body.
Grade 3
Nurses going around the hospital injecting the patients.

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