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Supply chain

Procurement Company

Accountability for all strategic category activities related to suppliers, saving and trading operations Accountability for all overall operational effectiveness of supply chain across categories, procurement company and operations

Local accountability for stakeholder management and commercial savings realization in Local Markets

The supply chain journey continues with 6 area of focus:
1) People: organization, skills, career development.
2) Customer obsession: customer centric KPI's.
3) Global scale: Buying partnerships, geographies.
4) Operational excellence: Demand management, end-to-end performance management. 5) Supplier relationship management: joint governance, transparency of activities, unlock joint value. 6) Sustainable supply chain: continued focus on environmental and ethical procurement.


All potential suppliers must pass through our qualification process. This involves the our category manager requesting the supplier to complete a self-assessment which feeds into a risk assessment against a set of business requirements and expectations.

The self-assessment covers:
- Financial details
-Conflict of interest and liabilities
- Ethics and sustainability
-Company code of ethical procurement
- Diversity and inclusion
- Quality management
- Environmental management
- Product safety
- Health safely
- Business continuity
- Information security
- Payment Card Industry compliance
Our company will only engage with suppliers that have successfully completed the supplier qualification process. Supplier management
How we engage and collaborative with our supply chain partners is governed by this supplier management programmer . The program is one of the key tools we suggest use to help build strong relationships as we seek to create greater value. increase innovation and improve efficiency. Supplier qualification: a pre-requisite before we...
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