Erp System

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Client-server, Supply chain management Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Traditional ERP systems take care of internal value chain (i.e., within a company) whereas e-businesses establish the value chain across the market and the industries. So, it is necessary for the organizations a more efficient ERP system under E-business. More and more organizations construct their systems’ architectures by integrating ERP systems with e-business. They use Web based interface (corporate portals) with outside entities plus add-on modules such as CRM, SCM, etc. in the integration.

By using Internet and web services, organizations are implementing PDM (Product Data Management), SCM (Supply-Chain Management) and CRM (Customer-Relation-Management capabilities. These systems enable companies to link their operations seamlessly with customers and suppliers

Advantages of WEB BASED ERP
Web based ERP system has many benefits compared with a client server system. This is the reason why many companies are now opting for web based ERP system as compared to a client server system. The requirement of server management software and associated licensing is eliminated in a web based ERP software. The most important advantage of a web based ERP system is it can be used from anywhere and anytime. For example, data such as sales orders can be entered from any location. By having a web based ERP system, the need for IT staff to maintain an in house ERP infrastructure is eliminated to a large extent. Training the staff on a web based ERP system is much easier as any computer with an internet connection at any location can be used for conducting training sessions. ERP architecture:

ERP architecture is organized in layers, commonly known as tiers. For example, in two tier architecture (representing two layers one for server layer and another layer for users),

ERP applications are most commonly deployed in a distributed and often widely dispersed manner. While the servers may be...
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