Erin Brockovich Analysis

Topics: Erin Brockovich, Person, Coming out Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: December 16, 2008
Erin Brockovich portrays one of the rarest personalities found in society. The societal norm of our country and many others, is to be respectful, kind, study, go to school and get a job. Erin did exactly the opposite of everything but still managed to come out as one of the most successful women. Her dominating personality overwhelmed everyone around her, although she was living proof that honesty is the policy. When people converse with each other, they don't always say exactly what they are thinking. People tend to tame themselves and conform to society when it comes to reacting to others. It's very rare that you find someone who will say exactly what's on their mind and not give a bother about how they react to anyone and everyone. Erin and her boss Ed were polar opposites and perfect examples about these two different persona's. Ed for the most part remains collective and calm, he tries to handle everything as professional as he can. Whereas Erin will blurt out anything, even if it's vulgur and inappropriate. While Ed's approach may seem more sensible, it's Erin's personality that won them the fight in the end. Erin symbolized a struggling woman. With kids and no husband, it seemed almost impossible for that woman to survive and make a living for her family. There was one plus point with her way of talking to people. There were never any hidden messages, instead of concealing her true feelings, you knew you were getting total honesty from her. The problem with polite and professional mannerisms seen from Ed is that you don't always know what the person is truely thinking. There is also a plus point to Ed's approach. While you may not always get the absolute truth, he always had an easier time getting along with people. He wasn't as intimidating, making it easier for people to approach him. His approach involves hidden agenda's and underlying meaning. Sometimes he spoke to Erin defensively about his decisions. While it may have come off selfish...
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