Erik Peterson

Topics: Leadership, Problem solving, Management Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Case: Erik Peterson
Do you think Erik Peterson was an effective leader? Why or why not? I do think Erik Peterson was an effective leader. Erik Peterson was definitely represented good leadership from every aspect of his work. Though at the very beginning, there were a great many problems exsiting in the GMCT and had negative effective on operating, Erik Peterson was trying his best to solve these problems and to some extend, gain some outcomes which revealed Erik Peterson was an effective leader. First Erik Peterson found the chief engineer, Curt Andrews, had a plenty of problems. Erik Peterson noticed that Curt Andrews was lack of administration skills which were required to start up new operation. Erik Peterson made every effort to solve Curt’s problem, such as replaced Curt by someone more capacitive in this position. Eventually, to help Curt improve the planning and coordination, Erik Peterson held one-on-one counseling sessions to show Curt how to plan better. Erik Peterson showed good leadership for the reason that Erik Peterson’s work-facilitation behavior indicated that Erik Peterson was willing to provide mentoring, coaching and counseling to assist employees in developing their skills. Also, Erik Peiterson believed high moral and understanding would encourage people to work as a team and participate more in organization, thus, he held meeting every week in order to let employee to communication and exchange of ideas. Under the Leader- Member exchange Model of Leadership, it was the so called “in group exchange”. Most employees said the meeting was effective, they found from the meeting, they developed respect, mutual trust and a sense of common partnership. This kind of leadership was effective, employees tended to increase job satisfaction and build more trust for company and coworkers. From the part “key personnel assignments” we could conclude that Erik Peterson was kind of transactional leadership. He clarified employee’s role, such as he found...
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