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Biography of Erik Erikson

Erik Homburger Erikson born in 1902 frankfurt, Germany.
He never knew his biological father.
A few years after Erik’s birth, her mother took him to a local jewish pediatrician, Dr. Theodor Homburger for a treatment of minor illness. His mother and the pediatrician eventually fell in love. He quickly developed a sense that something was wrong his mother and father were Jewish his own physical appearance was clearly Scandinavian. later on he found the truth about his heritage, his identity crisis was worsened. Rejecting his stepfather’s plea to become physician. He went to Europe and enrolled in art school and eager to learn about culture and history. He returned home at the age of 25 prepared to settle down and teach art for a living. Erikson was asked by his former high school friend Peter Blos to join him as a teacher in Experimental Nursery school in Vienna where he met Anna Freud and her famous father Sigmund Freud. Anna Freud was trying to convert psychoanalytic interest in childhood experiences of adult. Erikson shared her pioneering interest and was eventually trained by her as a child analyst. Erikson was still unsure to earn his living a psychoanalyst because still wanted to paint and draw. However, he began to see a connection between psychoanalysis and art. He observed that children’s dream and play involve important visual images that only later are translated into words in therapy.

Concepts and Principles

Erikson’s position represents a systematic extension of Freud’s view of the role of ego in personality functioning. Erikson is a Freudian ego-psychologist.

Erikson proposed that ego often operates independently of id emotions and motivation. Ego functions to help individual adapt to challenges presented by the surrounding.

Ego Psychology
Emphasized the integration of biological and psychosocial forces in determination of personality functioning.

Epigenetic Principle
The idea that human...
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